AGM ’18



17th February, 2018

The Annual General Meeting 2018 of IEEE SB MESCE was conducted on February 17, 2018. The chief guest for the meeting was Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu who was an Executive manager in Data research at Full contact and the IEEE MGA Young Professionals Boot camp lead from 2005 to 2017.The meeting was attended by around 60 students at the AEI seminar hall. The meeting began at 10 am with a silent prayer and reciting the code of ethics. The Chairperson of IEEE SB MESCE 2017, Mr. Abhijith Basil gave the welcome address and welcomed all the dignitaries on stage to the meeting. Dr. Mohammed Bedeeuzzaman, Vice principal of MESCE inaugurated the AGM 2018 and delivered the inaugural address. After the inaugural address Ms. Liyana Shirin , Secretary of IEEE SB MESCE 2017 presented the Annual report of the Student branch in the year 2017. In the Annual report the main
events that took place in the student branch including the flagship event FrizBee’17 and AKCSSC’17 were reported. The report also specially mentioned the student members and professional members who were fortunate enough due to their hard work and perseverance, to receive various honors and designations in the Malabar Subsection level as well as the Kerala section level. Later on Dr. Gopakumar A Chairperson of IEEE Malabar Subsection and HOD ECE Dept MESCE released the newsletter of IEEE SB MESCE for the years 2016 and 2017. He also introduced the Executive Committee for the year 2018 which was to be headed by the new Chairperson Mr. Naeem Hadiq. After the introduction of the Executive committee 2018, Mr. Naeem Hadiq addressed the gathering and presented the year plan for the student branch. The year plan presentation was followed by year plans of the society chapters in the student branch. Dr. Gopakumar A, Dr. Maya G , Mr Edet Bijoy K and Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu felicitated the new Exe Com and wished the team success
in the year to come. The meeting came to a close after Ms. Aseela Abdul Azeez, Secretary of IEEE SB MESCE delivered the vote of thanks. After the meeting, the Chief Guest Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu shared his experiences in IEEE. He began the session by introducing the students to IEEE its origin and its working hierarchy. The students were given an insight over the benefits of IEEE membership and the benefits of being an active volunteer in IEEE. Later on, he led an interactive session with the students making them realise the need for membership. He also described various factors that are important in an engineer’s career life. The session ended at the lunch hours with a good note and leaving the student minds filled with enthusiasm for joining IEEE. The forenoon session ended with a small group photo session of past Exe Com team and the new team.
After the lunch hours, Mr. Jaison Abey Sabu led a Volunteer training session. The session started with the 14 of the new Executive committee members introducing themselves and describing on what is their vision in IEEE for the year 2018. He discussed with the members the perks of event management and how to do it in an easy way. He advised the Exe Com to take Event planning as something important no matter how small the event is. He interacted with the students making them point out the problems that can happen in any event. He also made them find solutions or if they weren’t able to, he himself gave the solutions to the challenges that the students said. He said that every event must be planned, if small scale at least a month before and if large, minimum of six months before. He demonstrated the stages of event planning starting from the day 1 of planning to
the last day before the event. He asked the students to find out the various sections to be dealt with in an event like permissions, venue, publicity etc. The students where then asked to pick a specific section , for example venue and divide it into sub tasks like chairs table, name boards, water bottles, projector, speaker etc. Through his demonstration the students understood the need and effectiveness of good planning. He concluded his session with a short story, which gave a message to the students that they were selected for their proficiency in something and that didn’t mean that they had to do what they were good at even then, but to pass on their skills and manage it in a whole new level and thereby acquire a different quality of leadership.