Agm 2k17


The IEEE SB MESCE conducted
the Annual Generalbody Meeting 2017. The program starting with a silent prayer; took off
with a welcome speech by previous year Chair and also the receiver of Malabar Hub Outstanding Student Branch Chair Award 2016, Mr Aswin Manoj. This was followed by the Presidential Address by the IEEE SB MESCE counsellor, Dr Anzar S M. The Inaugural Address was given by
the Principal in charge and HOD of Mechanical Department, Dr. Rahmathunza. The previous year Secretary and also receiver of the Malabar Hub Outstanding Volunteer Award 2016, Mr Aswin Sasidharan
presented the Annual Report 2015. Malabar hub Chair, Dr Gopakumar A distributed certificates of appreciation to the previous year ExeCom. IEEE SB MESCE Professional Wie Chair, Mrs Maya announced the new
members of the ExeCom 2017. The IEEE SB MESCE website and the digital copy of the second edition of newsletter was launched by the mentor of IEEE SB MESCE and receiver of the Section level Outstanding Volunteer Award 2014 as well as the Region10 Outstanding Young Professional Award 2015, Mr Vijay S Paul during this occasion.

The new Chairperson, Mr. Abhijit Basil, addressed the gathering. Felicitations were given by Dr Gopakumar A and Guest of the Day, Mr Vijay S Paul. All conveyed
their regards and best wishes for the upcoming year of the SB.
The first session came to an end with the Vote of Thanks given by
the IEEE SB MESCE Secretary, Ms Liyana Shirin.
The Speaker for the day, Mr. Vijay S Paul, being an active leader and all
time volunteer of IEEE is definitely a personality to look up to. He took a session on the history and evolution of IEEE SB MESCE. Ms Liyana Shirin, Wie Coordinator of LINK presented the students with the Benefits of IEEE. The session
included an interactive process briefing the students about the
legacy of IEEE SB MESCE and to maximize its use for our welfare.
The program was a grand success. Former student of our
college, Mr Vijay S Paul gave his regards for the upcoming team.
The audience took a timeout to think about the benefits presented
and exhibited today.
 Around 250 students including both IEEE and Non IEEE
members attended the program.