Kuttippuram, 13th-15th August, 2016: The IEEE All Kerala Student Congress, 2016 was held at MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram from 13th to 15th of August. This annual flagship event of IEEE LINK gave the selected delegates a platform to contour the elements of volunteerism and improve on their managerial skills.
Day 1

The registration began by 8:00 am on the first day and 215 selected delegates representing 42 IEEE student branches across the state came in adding colour and life to the event. The Inaugural function began by 9:30 am with The IEEE Code of Ethics delivered by the MES SB Chairman, Mr. Aswin Manoj. Then the MES SB Branch Counsellor Dr. Anzar S.M delivered the welcome speech sending out vibes of the very words all had just recited. Dr. Mohd. Bedeuzzaman, Vice Principal, MES College of Engineering and also an Execom member of the IEEE Malabar

Subsection delivered the Presidential address expressing his joy on having the distinguished guests and delegates.
Dr. Suresh Nair, Chair , IEEE Kerala Section gave the inaugural address unfolding the vigour and splendour of AKSC 2016.Dr. Lillikutty Jacob, Chair , IEEE Malabar Subsection felicitated the gathering bringing in the warmth of the IEEE family. Then Prof. C P Muhammad felicitated the gathering expressing his delight in seeing a great platform being provided for the students. Mr. Sabarinath Pillai, SAC,IEEE Kerala Section delivered the vote of thanks. The Inaugural ceremony was wound up by 10:30 am.
After a refreshment of tea and snacks ,the delegates gathered back by 10:45 am to attend the first session of the event by Dr Suresh Nair, Chair ,IEEE Kerala Section on Industrial Readiness. The 1 hour long session spoke of the importance of being prepared for an industry, the various trends and requirements of today’s industry.

At 12 pm began the session by Mr. S Gopakumar on the formation of IEEE LINK and the evolution of AKSC over the years. This session that ended at 1:00 pm provided the delegates with an idea about the history of the event of which they are now a part.
After a sumptuous lunch the delegates assembled back at 2:00 pm for a session by Mr. Sabarinath Pillai, SAC IEEE Kerala section. This session helped the delegates to understand the structure and working of the IEEE Kerala Section. It also helped them to understand the various ways in which they could contribute to the activities and working of the Section.
The session by Mr. Raj Krishna Raj on Intellectual Property Rights commenced at 2:45 pm and gave the delegates an understanding
of the various possibilities, criteria’s and procedures to protect their ideas and products from being duplicated.
The delegates refreshed after a 15 minutes tea break came back at 3:45 am to tune in for the session by Mr. Prasant Naidu. This session gave the delegates an insight on the importance of doing what they really love and aspire for rather than running after the paycheque. The 1 hour long session reminded everyone not to take work for granted and to uphold the values of professionalism. Next came the session by Mr. Ranjit R Nair on ‘making use of the IEEE platform for studies’ bringing in a wave of vibrancy leaving behind ripples that lasted for the whole event. This session threw light on the various resources the students could tap to help them go an extra mile in their studies. Bringing forth more vigour and fun came the gaming session which stretched from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. An extravagant cultural night and dinner that came to a halt at 9:00pm marked the end of day 1 of AKSC 2016.

Day 2


After a healthy breakfast, the delegates gathered in at 9:30 am for a session by Mr. Bibin P Thomas. The session expanded theoutlook of the delegates and helped them to understand more about IEEE on a global basis and gave an idea about the various events conducted worldwide in connection with IEEE Day which is celebrated on the second Tuesday of October every year. The next session which started at 10:00 am was handled by Mr. Vijay S Paul and it looked into’ Email and telephone Etiquettes’. The delegates found this session very informative and lively and it was indeed a synonym for infotainment.
Reminding about the responsibilities as professionals came the next session by Ms. Mini Ulanat, Chair, IEEE Kochi Subsection which started at 10:30 am. The 45 minutes long session on ‘(Wo)men in Technical Leadership’ spoke of the qualities and skills a true leader should posses and the importance of walking together with the team in order to walk far. The session also focused on the ways to grow technically through IEEE. The delegates were provided with a 15 minutes tea break to warm them up.
Then came the session by Ms. Sarika Rangini, an enthusiastic cooperative trainer, boosting up the energy of the delegates to the next level. She stressed on how important it is to have a proper balance of technical knowledge and soft skills in order to become successful in today’s highly competitive world.
After a delicious and relaxing one hour lunch break, the delegates gathered back at 2pm for the much awaited session by Ms Ramalatha Marimuthu. Her experience in organising and managing various events and activities inspired the young delegates assuring them that the old saying ‘if there is a will, there is a way ‘is very true.
After the luscious one hour session came the next session by Dr. A N Narayan on ‘Energy Security and Sustainability’. The session reminded that the first step to saving energy is by reducing its wastage and that each person has a responsibility to contribute towards it. He also spoke on the need to switch to green sources of energy and gave a brief idea about energy auditing and the need for it. After a half an hour tea break at 4:00 pm, the 2 parallel tracks of IAS and EMBS & SIGHT commenced at 4:30 pm.
The IAS track by Mr. Sreekanth Vasudevan and Mr. Aneesh helped the delegates understand more about the activities and opportunities that an IAS member can make use of. The session by Ms. Annie George focused on the initiative by SIGHT to make the state of Kerala Elderly friendly.
The EMBS session by Mr. Sasi P M threw light on how fast the technology is advancing today especially in the area of medicine and care. The tracks wound up by 6:30 pm. After a dress up time of one hour the much awaited Gala dinner commenced at 7:30 pm. The candle lit tables and the soothing music added beauty to the night. After an ambrosial dinner, the delegates’ lit lanterns which flew lighting up the sky spreading the joy of oneness. The appetizing day 2 came to a halt at 9:00 pm.

Day 3

The day 3 began with the flag hoisting at 9:00 am arousing pride and patriotism in the mind of every Indian. The speech by Mr Mohd. Bedeuzzaman, Vice Principal, MES College of Engineering reminded the duties of an Indian citizen and told the students to pledge to serve the country better. Right after the Independence Day Celebrations came the photo session capturing the joy and vividness of AKSC, 2016.
The session on ‘Astrophysics & Supernovae ‘, handled by Mr. Kiran Mohan started at 10 am. It was a very interactive session arousing curiosity and interest in the minds of the delegates.
The final session of AKSC 2016 the Open Forum which was handled by the LINK team commenced at 11:00 am. It provided a platform for the students to voice their opinions and suggestions and give feedback about the event. After a valedictory from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, the delegates were treated with a sapid lunch drawing the curtain of AKSC 2016.

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