Basics of Photoshop

basics of photoshop
basics of photoshop

The Wie community of IEEE SB MESCE conducted “Basics of Photoshop “a workshop on 14th march 2019 with an average of 20 enthusiastic students joining us.

Empowering women in technical field is major aim of Women Empowerment. IEEE WIE of MESCE SB members aims to do the same. The SB observed the basic needs of students and pointed number of events to be conducted. This International women’s day, WIE of MESCE decided to put together a week for women.

The workshop was conducted to spread basic knowledge about Photoshop and how to implement our creativity through this. The session was conducted by Murshidhul Haq S6 CSE student of MESCE.

Students actively participated in the event. The response of the participants was indeed impressive and conveyed their enthusiasm. The event went off very well and was appreciated by one and all.

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