C programming workshop

C programming workshop
C programming workshop

On 4th April 2019 a C programming workshop was held under
the IEEE CS chapter of MESCE.

The workshop was taken by Mr Kartik K from 4:30pm to
5:30pm.The workshop taught the students about the C
programming language from the basics. It aimed at those
people who where not familiar with the structure of C

The workshop taught the students the significance of each and
every line used in the c programming language. How to execute
those lines and how to derive the output of your choice from the
program you design.

Basic programs using the if statement and the if-else statement
was taught. How to implement the program to print the months
in a year using the if statements where shown.

The students caught up quite fast with the topics taught and the
desired output was obtained by them. They cleared all their
doubts and also requested to keep another workshop on C to
learn more about programming.