CONTESSA’16: Session I


VENUE: Government Higher Secondary School, Kadanchery
DATE: 25th November, 2016
IEEE SB MESCE conducted its first Engineering guidance program as a part of the series, Contessa’16 at Government Higher Secondary School, Kadanchery on 25th November, 2016. The volunteers of the SB did an amazing job in enlightening the students on various aspects of Engineering.
Volunteers took turns covering different topics such as “who is an engineer?”, “the hurdles engineering faces today, misconceptions and reality”, “different fields in engineering and various job opportunities engineering provides” and “what it means to be studying engineering under KTU”. The students responded enthusiastically and volunteers did a fair job in answering their doubts.

The intro session included volunteers breaking ice and asking the students about their future plans. This was followed by an interactive session; where the students were asked to guess a number of renowned scientists in this ever expanding field of engineering. The volunteers began the session by explaining what engineering is all about. They also got the students involved to make them understand the various branches of engineering and how each field differs from each other. They also gave a brief outline on how they can cope up with the upcoming entrance exam to get sorted to the top colleges of the country. Students were briefed about the new syllabus that the State has initiated to bring an equal importance to academics and co circular activities as well. KTU is a syllabus that proves to be of the finest quality. Students were able to clear the various doubts they had about the career. The volunteers were able to give information on the various highly paid jobs that engineers could hold. The SB volunteers put it out that the recent trends although shows a steep downhill graph for engineering; passion and hard work gets an engineer to some of the top levels in this field. They encouraged the students to take up engineering as their career option after 12th. Students on their part participated wholeheartedly making the session a huge success.
The program was concluded with a group photo session. The SB volunteers were appreciated by the school staff for bringing such an interactive and useful session for the school students.