CONTESSA’16: Session II


VENUE: MES Campus School, Kuttippuram
DATE: 25th November, 2016
IEEE SB MESCE conducted the second Engineering guidance program as a part of the series, Contessa’16 on the 25th of November 2016 at MES Higher Secondary School. The volunteers of SB had prepared well and took immense pleasure in guiding the students to various opportunities engineering provides as a profession.
With an intro of what engineering and what the role of an engineer is; the session started with a brief interactive questionnaire. The students were asked about what their idea about an engineer is and how many would opt for engineering. Followed by the survey, the volunteers initiated the session and explained what engineering is and why it is important to have good engineers in our society. They briefed on the various streams that are there to choose from. They also explained in detail the advantages of each stream and the various fields they were related to. Although the current scenario gives thumbs down for engineering, the volunteers firmly validated that engineering is all about passion and implementing the impossible; an engineers with determination and passion will never fail in any sort of such circumstances. The volunteers further passed on the message that engineering is one of the respected jobs across the globe; engineering requires grit and the driving desire to implement ideas. The volunteers cleared various misconceptions students had about engineering as well as gave a short review on the different job opportunities engineering provided in the current scenario.

The volunteers further explained about the hottest topic of engineering right now. The formation of the new University, Kerala Technological University is made uniform through out the state to bring the best out of the aspiring students. With credit points and internships, KTU prove to be the finest engineering syllabus. The volunteers explained about KTU and the benefits this has on an engineering aspirant. They were also outlined about entrance exams. After the session, the initial questionnaire was pondered upon and the entire batch responded with thumbs up. The volunteers were able to fill the students with an optimistic energy and covered all the topics the students needed to know. A feedback session from the students was carried out later; students along with the staff appreciated the efforts of the SB volunteers and were applauded for the same.
The students were extremely cooperative as well as enthusiastic and full of questions about the different streams and career options engineering provided. The program was successfully concluded with a group photo session.