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11th, 12th and 13th of August 2017
11th August 2017, Kuttippuram

Day 1
IEEE SB MESCE conducted its trademark event of 3 years, Frisbee 17 on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August, 2017. Just as the tagline suggests with an underlying meaning of going beyond imagination, we had 4 parallel workshops: Data Science and Analytics using R and Python, Be a Pro: VFX, Managecon, Fablab.
The program started at sharp 9.30 AM. Registrations were open from 9.00 itself. The inauguration of Frizbee’17 was jointly done with the inauguration of FABLAB, MESCE. Prof Shine K (Fablab incharge) gave the welcome speech and expressed his greetings to everyone on and off the dais. Followed by this Dr V.A Sonny (Principal. MESCE) gave the presidential address and expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the SB team. Dr Ajith Prabhu V, Joint Director, KSCSTE, gave the inaugural address. He was enthusiastic about FRIZBEE’17 and wished the volunteers all the best. The felicitation was given by Dr KP Mohammed (Director, MESCE), Dr CP Mohammed (Joint Secretary, MESCE) and Dr A Varadarajan (Dean, MESCE). Dr Anzar SM (Counselor, IEEE SB MESCE) officially launched Frizbee’17 bringing a close to the ceremony.

Mr Abhijit Basil (Chairperson, IEEE SB MESCE) expressed his gratitude and send the students to their respective halls for the sessions to proceed. The speakers were led by the volunteers to their respective session halls.

Data Analytics was conducted in association with the IEEE SPS Student Branch Chapter. Mr Sreekanth, associate professor at MES College of Engineering, Kuttippuram took the introductory session on Python. The session dealt with the basics of programming and went on to explain tuples, looping statements, dictionary in python and other important lessons.
At 1 PM a break was given. After lunch, Mr Karthik and Mr Abhiram, volunteers of Frizbee’17 cleared doubts and helped delegates understand the topics that were explained to them that day.

The session had 5 faculty members and 54 delegates. Mr Jobin, Mr Abhiram, Ms Sheby, Mr Ouseppachan led by Mr Thomson constituted the faculty members. They are part of a startup called “Infusory Designs” and were coming from St.Joseph’s college of engineering, Palai.
The workshop started with self introduction of speakers. The delegates were then given an introduction on “VFX” and the software “Adobe After Effects”.

After lunch, Delegates were grouped into 5 teams of 10 or 11 members and softwares were installed on all of their laptops. Later on Mr.Jobin took a session about green room, rendering, cloning and tracking in Adobe After Effects with the help of live projection of their tutorial. Delegates were enthusiastic throughout the session. The session wound up at 5:15 P.M
The first day began with an ice breaking session. Ms Sindhu was the faculty who were inspiring as well as a high ball of energy. She soon had the 58 delegates in her hand as she moved on with her inspiring session. The day revolved around many activities that were based on improving leadership skills and how to be a successful manager. The session ended at 5.00 PM.


The session started with an introduction to Fablab community, which started its journey at MIT, Cambridge. FABLAB, MESCE was inaugurated on the 11th of August 2017 along with Frizbee’17. The resource person for the workshop was Mr Jaseel. Mr Nikhil Unni instructed the 21 delegates who had attended the workshop. A basic introduction on all the machineries were given and the delegates moved on to designing 3D models on the “Rhinoceros” a 3D modelling software. The session concluded at 5.00 PM
After the sessions ended, delegates of all the workshops were directed to the auditorium where the tea was served. Networking took place at its pace after tea as the delegates sat down and relaxed. Games and Culturals followed afterwards. The sessions were handled by Ms Shehza Abdul Gafoor (Joint Secretary) and Ms Haifa Aboobacker (WIE Chair) respectively. The team made sure that every participant was involved and played their part. The participants were divided into 10 groups. An icebreaking session followed wherein the participants played games that raised their team spirit. This was followed by games the tested on their creativeness and innovative mind.

The next agenda on the list was culturals. The students of MESCE took it upon themselves to mesmerise the crowd with their dance and singing. By the end of the day, delegates were all on their feet dancing.

12th August 2017

Day 2
Students were high-spirited on the second day. After breakfast, they returned to their respective session halls, where the session continued from 9.00 AM onwards.
Data Science and Analytics

Mr.Musfir Mohammed, Data Scientist at Attinad Software, handled the session on the second day. 38 students from various colleges has participated the event. The speaker provided a deep insight to the life of a data scientist, explained the equations in statistics used and algorithmic approach to data science.

Be a Pro VFX

The workshop resumed by participants making videos. Delegates were enthusiastic and soon were searching for their location and making their own videos. Speakers helped them in every stages. Later on Mr.Abhiram took a session on making a new composition and layer management’s, effects, masking, parenting and tracking. Meanwhile ice breaking events also took place. It helped the delegates to be more energetic thereafter. The session closed at 5:45 P.M with  a vote of thanks to the speakers given by Ms.Pooja. Mr.Basil, chairman of IEEE MESCE SB, and Mr.Naeem Hadiq, Vice chair, also expressed their gratitude to the speakers. The speakers were presented a memento as a token of appreciation. The speakers were very satisfied with the delegates’ performance and they assured gifts for the best short film which they asked every team to post on their official FB page.

The second day saw Mr Ahamed Riaz, who concentrated on mock GD’s and interpersonal skills. He also gave an overview on how to be a professional once the delegates start working.


The day started with introduction to PCB milling and circuit basics. An introduction to ‘Eagle’ software was also given. The delegates were introduced to 3D printing on Ultimaker and maintenance of Ultimaker. They were also introduced to Laser printing and maintenance of Laser printer. The delegates tried 3D scanning using ‘3D sense’. Also, PCB was made with PCB milling machine. The day winded up with tea and an open forum with the delegates.

At 5.30 PM the sessions concluded for the day. Delegates were allowed to walk around the campus, which helped greatly with networking. At 6.00 PM they were called to the front of the auditorium where they were given clues for treasure hunt. The treasure hunt involved 10 tasks or games happening at 10 venues all around the campus. The delegates were given an hour to go through all the tasks. The team to reach first as well the best team were given awards by Mr Aswin Sasidharan, Secretary (2016). Participants were also given prizes for winning the individual tasks. This was followed by an interactive session where the delegates took it upon themselves to sing and be merry. At 7.30 PM, the auditorium was opened to them where they had the best surprise of all. Volunteers had arranged a beautiful arabian style dinner just for the delegates. With soft music playing and occasional feedback from the delegates, the dinner was a merry time for the crowd. The day wound up at 8.30 PM when the delegates returned back to their respective hostels.
Day 3.

The day 3 began with a healthy breakfast. After the breakfast, delegates returned to their session halls to finish their workshops.
Data Science and Analytics

Hands on session in support of vector machine in Python and decision tree in R was the final topic for the session. The session ended at 12.15 PM after a small feedback session. The workshop has truly inspired students to explore more and broaden their knowledge in Data Science.

Be a Pro VFX
Mr.Rabeeh, volunteer of Frizbee’17 continued with the session by assisting the delegates to complete their short films and other editing related issues. The delegates moved forward with their short films, which they completed by afternoon. After taking a number of photos, including selfies, the session came to an end at 12:15 PM.

Mr Alex, the faculty in charge for the day, took a stress interview which was a surprise for the delegates. The delegates as well as the volunteers participated and this so far was the best experience Managecon gave them. The delegates were all highly inspired and ready to meet the professional world by the end of day 3.


As the last day of the workshop, delegates actively involved in activities such as 3D printing their own 3D models using a 3D printer, screen printing on tshirts by using vinyl cutting machine and printer.
Delegates were delighted to have the opportunity to do such fun activities and for being able to learn so much of the high level technologies.

The sessions concluded at 12.15 PM when the delegates were directed to the auditorium. Valedictory session took place wherein the faculties handling their respective sessions were presented with mementos. An open forum was conducted where the students talked highly about the volunteers spirit and about the program in general.

The delegates who performed outstandingly in the Managecon workshop were also given mementos. The session concluded with a thank you note by Mr Abhijith Basil (Chairperson). The program concluded with a photo session and lunch.