Google Cloud Study Jam

cloud study jam
cloud study jam

Aiming to provide an intense training about google cloud at
undergraduate level for the students a full day study jam on
‘Machine learning using cloud’ was held on 14th March 2019 in
MES college of engineering. It was conducted under IEEE CS
in association with DSC MESCE.

The Google cloud study jam was taken by Mr Karthik K (google
cloud facilitator). The study jam was attended by students of
various branches including mechanical and electronics students
who had no base on the Topic. Taking those students into
consideration Mr Kartik had explained about the topic from the
very scratch.

The various topics covered were
-Cloud intro story
-Cloud data centres
-How to make a clustered stand alone server
-Cloud SQL big query intro lab
-Big query lab
-Machine learning cloud lab
-Cloud speech api lab
-Google genomics lab
-API working pictorial diagram

From the study jam it was clear that there are good reasons for
moving your machine learning projects to the cloud as the
cloud’s pay per use model is good for machine learning
workloads.Google cloud offer many machine learning options
that don’t require deep knowledge in artificial intelligence. Also
the cloud makes it easy to experiment with our machine
learning capabilities.

The study jam emphasised more on practical knowledge more
than theoretical knowledge. All students were provided with computer systems in which the lab tool for Google Cloud
platform was used.

The study jam was a 6 hours session, and yet the students
interest were intact and keenly drawn onto the topic.

The feedback of the Students were really positive and they all
left the study jam having more knowledge about the topic than

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