The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s objectives are scientific, literary and educational in character. The Society strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of robotics and automation engineering and science and of the allied arts and sciences, and for the maintenance of high professional standards among its members, all in consonance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the IEEE and with special attention to such aims within the Field of Interest of the Society.

RAS strives to advance innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in robotics and automation. Robotics focuses on systems incorporating sensors and actuators that operate autonomously or semi-autonomously in cooperation with humans. Robotics research emphasizes intelligence and adaptability to cope with unstructured environments. Automation research emphasizes efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, focusing on systems that operate autonomously, often in structured environments over extended periods, and on the explicit structuring of such environments.

The Society provides aid in promoting close cooperation and exchange of technical information among its Members and Affiliates, and to this end holds meetings for the presentation of papers and their discussion, sponsors appropriate periodicals and special technical publications, and through its committees studies and provides for the needs of its members and affiliates.


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