Welcome to IEEE SB MESCE, your number one station for social and technical development! Our motto is to implant and blossom new technical and innovative ideas in the minds of the future engineers, creating a better world. IEEE SB MESCE is a platform to build up a future you want. The IEEE SB MESCE was officially formed in 2004 with a motive to help the students of MESCE with their creative ideas. Kicking off with a vibrant start, IEEE SB MESCE conquered places with their ideas and team spirit. In 2009, IEEE SB MESCE won the ‘Best Management Support’ in the IEEE Kerala Section Awards.We also had 2 teams in the Top 20 of IEEE All India Student Awareness Contest. In 2011, IEEE SB MESCE hosted the LINK Camp. However, the situation has gone to a hibernation state for the past few years. But IEEE SB MESCE is back to its feet and ready for a challenge. IEEE SB MESCE is getting down to the field for the real game. Currently we are progressing with 94 innovative minds.Even though we have fallen back, we have decided to comeback stronger than ever before. Right now, we have an excellent team of volunteering members with exuberant energy. We have loads of activities and conferences coming up. Stay tuned!


video quiz

“Watch , Listen and Answer” Competition

IEEE PES SBC MESCE conducted a “Watch , Listen and Answer competition on 1st April 2019 at EEE seminar Hall at 4:20...
teachers training


IEEE PES SBS MESCE in association with SEEM, Kerala Chapter conducted a Teachers training program on 23/03/19 at Dept. of EEE,...
international water day


IEEE PES SBC MESCE conducted a session on the topic, ‘Working of Hydroelectricity ’ on 22nd March as a part of International...