Inaugration : Computer Society


The inaugural ceremony of the computer society students’ chapter commenced with prayers said by Mr. Mohammed Rabeeh.  For the following few minutes everyone was asked to stand up and repeat after Mr. Nibras Nazar (Secretary Computer Society), the code of ethics of IEEE.

Dr. Sasidharan Sreedharan (computer society counselor IEEE MESCE SB), welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais, IEEE members from various branches and students. He mentioned about the formation of computer society, Mr. Naeem Hadiq (Vice chair IEEE SB) was given special appreciation during the welcome address for his outstanding effort which resulted in the formation of the computer society.

Dr. Abdul Salam (Principal of MES College of Engineering) delivered the presidential address. He acknowledged the import and functions of IEEE and how the influence of such an international professional organization would affect the lives of technology enthusiasts. He concluded his speech by wishing all the very best to the newly formed chapter.

Ms. Mini Ulanat (IEEE Chair, Kochi Subsection), Inaugurated the ceremony. Within her inaugural address, she put forward some interesting ideas about the upcoming technologies that would affect lives around the globe. She concluded the inaugural address by giving the audience an introduction to the topics which she will be covering in her technical talk.

Dr. Mohammed Bedeuzzaman (Vice Principal, MES College of Engineering) introduced the executive committee members.

  • Chair – Mr. Nibras Nazar, S4, CSE-B
  • Vice Chair – Ms. Aisha Harshad, S4, CSE-A
  • Secretary – Mr. Abhiram R S, S4, CSE-A
  • Joint Secretary – Ms. Sneha Das, S4, CSE-B
  • Treasurer – Mr. Jithin Joseph, S4, CSE-A

He talked about MOOCs, A massive open online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. He concluded his speech by sharing his experiences with IEEE and how it has influenced his professional career.


Ms. Mini Ulanat (IEEE Chair, Kochi subsection), in her technical talk; her presentation was based on twenty three technologies that will be possibly high-flying by the year 2022. Deep learning, Machine learning, Digital Darwinism, IOT (Internet of Things), IOE (Internet of Everything), Push data & Pull data, Sensor applications inside the home and distress events, E-health sensors, Agricultural applications, Hydroponic Control, Animal Control, RF ID Tags, Smart City, Smart Paring & Waste Management, IOE & Sustainability Systems, Pollution Control & Forest Fire Monitoring, Adaptive Energy Consumption at Home, Context Aware Computing, Privacy Considerations of IOE & Information Overload. These were the main topics included in her presentation. The feedback of the audience proved the technical talk to be most insightful. Afterwards, after the session, she was presented with a memento as a token of appreciation by            Dr. Sasidharan Sreedharan.

Ms. Liyana Shirin (Secretary IEEE SB) offered a vote of thanks to all; including special guest, Ms. Mini Ulanat, who inaugurated the ceremony and delivered the technical talk, HODs of all departments who granted the committee with their valuable time and presence, Mr. V. H. Abdul Salam, Dr. Mohammed Bedeuzzaman, Mr. Fadhil Basheer And Anamika K for their impeccable compering skills, all students who graciously provided their solemn presence. She also thanked the execom members and other IEEE members for conducting the ceremony. She also thanked the head of EEE department, who granted the permission to use the EEE seminar hall and provided the committee with all technical support.