Panel Discussion on “Future of Women Workforce”



The WIE Week programs were initiated by the Panel discussion conducted at AEI Seminar Hall on the topic, “Future of women workforce” at 4:30pm.

The panel consisted of professors and students of our college which included: 1)Dr. Bedeeuzaman, Vice Principal of MESCE.
2)Ms. Rahmathunnisa, HOD of ME.
3)Dr. Anzar S.M, SB Branch Counsellor.

4)Dr. Maya.G, WIE Staff coordinator. 5)Dr. Nafeesa, Academic coordinator. 6)Ms.Fathima Shibi,AEI Assistant professor. 7)Ms.Liyana Shirin,ECE-S6
8)Ms. Pooja,ECE-S2.

The Panel discussion initiated on the question why women workforce show a low er ratio raised by Ms. Haifa Aboobacker, WiE Chair of IEEE SB MESCE. The discussi on marked its beginning from Dr. Thasneem Ma’am with the sharing of her views on the topic. She pointed out that the main reason for inequality towards female

gender in the society, was because of the system that was basically designed f or men. Other panel members supported the statement and also discussed the experiences they had to face to overcome the bias strata of our society that lea d them to their present prominent working positions.

The audience were filled with both teachers and students, and they participate d actively throughout the discussion, which was coordinated by Israth Elona, EC E-S8, who was the anchor of the day.

Major discussions on solutions against discrimination and ways to increase the efficiency of women workforce, were held with uttermost importance that it was

ensured that these solutions would be implemented and followed hereafter, for the rise of a better community with better percentage of working women. Many changes that could be brought to the college which could create an even bet

ter working environment for women staffs were also thought about and discussed.

The discussion ended at 5:45pm with the powerful tagline that a better broader society could be brought out only when the required change initiates from each

one of us irrespective of the gender you belong to.