Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)

Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC)

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The IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC) provides support to and cooperate with governments, regulators, and other industry organizations globally on technical issues related to power, energy, and policy topics. The committee shall work closely with IEEE Standards Association (SA), IEEE-USA, and other IEEE Societies on an as needed basis. The objective is to tap on IEEE membership, stakeholders and various organizations (e.g. Technical Committees, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Chapters, etc.) to provide support.

Structure and Plans

The Committee is working very closely with Technical Council and Technical Committees, as the PES Technical Committees provide technical expertise and resources, and IEEE PES Governing Board leadership, addressing topics related to conferences and meetings, education, publications, regional activities, etc. It coordinates activities with IEEE SA and other IEEE organizations (e.g. other IEEE societies), as well as with industry organizations on a needed basis.

Officers and Points of Contact

IEEE PES Governing Board President: Shay Bahramirad 

Chair: Aleksi Paaso

Vice Chair: Murty Yalla

Secretary: Nilesh Modi

N&A Committee Chair and IEEE PES EAC liaison: Damir Novosel

Marketing Lead: David Elizondo

IEEE PES Project Manager: Abira Altvater

IEEE PES ITS LC, including CEP, Administrative Support: Martina Soliman

IEEE PES Marketing Staff: Jenny Brown

IEEE-USA: Chris Root and Tom Pierpoint

IEEE Standards Association: Ravi Subramanian/Erin Spiewak/Rudi Schubert/Malia Zaman

IEEE PES Technical Council Liaison: Hong Chen

IEEE PES VP of Education: Nirmal Nair

IEEE PES VP of Conferences and Meetings: Jackie Peer

IEEE European Policy Committee: Jef Beerten

Awards Committee: Babu Chalamala, Veronika Rabl

IEEE PES VPs and MALs are engaged in selected activities as identified below

IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee

Functional Team 1: Technology

Support technology advancement through collaboration with existing IEEE working groups or development of new working groups. 

Leads: Bojana Mihic, Shikhar Pandey, and Abder Elandaloussi

Coordinated with PES VP Technical Activities, Vijay Vittal

Functional Team 2: Conferences and Meetings

Facilitate participation at IEEE conferences, including organizing workshops, panel sessions, and project reviews. 

Leads: Babak Enayati, Claudio Canizares, and Alfredo Vaccaro

Coordinated with PES VP of Conferences and Meetings, Jackie Peer

Functional Team 3: Training and Education

Leads: Kyle Hannah, Luka Strezoski, and Brian Pierre 

Coordinated with PES VP of Education Babak Enayati

Region 8 leads: Bojana Mihic and Luka Strezoski 
Region 9 leads: Jaime Cepeda, Iony Patriota, and Santiago Leon
Region 10 leads: Lalit Goel and Dean Sharafi

ITS Regulatory/Government and Other Industry Organizations Team

Joint IEEE efforts have resulted in cooperative relationships with various organizations with each signing of an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IEEE, including specific implementation plans for each initiative. IEEE volunteer leaders have been assigned as interfaces to each initiative to facilitate the process. 

  • US Department of Energy (DOE)
    Zhenyu Huang, Colleen Lueken, and Bill Hederman (PES) and Ravi Subramaniam (SA)
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
    Haibin Sun and Katelynn Vance (PES) and Erin Spiewak (SA)
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
    Jason Handley and Juan Castaneda (PES) and Ravi Subramaniam (SA)
  • North American Transmission Forum (NATF)
    Aleksi Paaso and Marianna Vaiman (PES)
  • Panama National Secretariat of Energy (NSE)
    Enrique Tejera (PES)

ITS Corporate Engagement Program (CEP)

Corporate Engagement Program (CEP) is a world-wide program intended to engage the Industry Organizations in IEEE PES activities in a formal way; facilitate involvement of corporate employees in the IEEE PES activities and involve corporate leaders to support PES membership/programs.

  • Chair: Farnoosh Rahmatian
  • Vice Chair: Maryclaire Peterson
  • Secretary: David Elizondo
  • Past Chairs: Sharma Kolluri and Marianna Vaiman
  • Region 1-7: Maryclaire Peterson (lead) and Kamal Garg
  • Region 8: Bas Kruimer (lead) and Luka Strezoski
  • Region 9: Santiago Leon (lead), Iony Patriota, and Jaime Cepeda
  • Region 10: Dean Sharafi (lead) and Lalit Goel
  • Learn more about the IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program here.

Publicity and Image Leads: Kaveh Aflaki and Wayne Bishop

MOUs signed as of November 2021 are: 

  • ComEd: Cristina Botero and Marianna Vaiman (IEEE liaison)
  • VELCO: Dan Poulin and Veronika Rabl (IEEE liaison)
  • Quanta Technology: David Elizondo and Shikhar Pandey (IEEE liaison)
  • ISO NE: Xiaochuan Luo and Edvina Uzunovic (IEEE liaison)
  • National Grid: Risa Karanxha and Farnoosh Rahmatian (IEEE liaison)
  • Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO): Nilesh Modi and Lalit Goel (IEEE liaison)
  • Panama Canal Authority: Enrique Tejera (IEEE liaison)
  • Burns & McDonnell: Amanda Olson and Babu Chalamala (IEEE liaison)
  • Smart Wires: TBD and Kamal Garg (IEEE liaison)
  • Eaton: Calvin Zhang and Maryclaire Peterson (IEEE liaison)


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